our staff

The worshipers at Gulf Shores United Methodist Church are its ministers.

The staff who assist them are:

  • Senior pastor

    Rev. Sara Shaver

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  • Minister of Discipleship

    Rev. Julianna Mobley Cooper

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  • Director of worship arts

    Cody Johnson

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    Josh Williams

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    Cammie Boller

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  • associate director of worship arts

    Jeff Jones

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  • director of servant ministries

    Amelia Fletcher

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  • director of mother's day out

    Lana Crawford

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  • Director of Finance & BUSINESS Operations

    Paula Dumas

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  • facilities director

    Jo Davis

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  • administrative assistant

    Jasmine Shults

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  • Administrative Assistant

    Brie Stacks

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  • Worship Arts Assistant

    Mark Stauffer

  • organist/pianist

    Jackie Dahlman

  • Nursery

    Janet McCloskey & Eileen Hedrick