ADULT Sunday school

8:30 am  - Old Testament Study, A 138
An in-depth Bible study of the Old Testament Bible with a New Testament understanding. 

Ages 50’s & up. Contact:


9:45 am

Soul Food, Book of Samuel, A 105

Ages 30’s & up. Contact:

Sea-Kers, A 138

Ages 60’s & up



Wesleyan Class, B 201

Ages 50’s & up



Movers, Fellowship Hall, Bldg A
Ages 20,30 & 40’s - many with toddlers & school aged children.  



Fellowship Class, C 103                      

Ages 50’s & up, many choir members



Son Followers, Bldg C, Room 101
A seminar type class - both learning and sharing your life experience relevance of scripture.  Ages  60’s & up. Contact:


10:00 am - Busy Parents, Couples &   Singles Class, C 104
Ages 30s and 40s.  Bible study w/multi-media to aid our discussions & keep it interesting.




10:45 am, Bldg A, Room 138

This small group follows the 9:45 am service &  discusses the message given each Sunday.