Concert Season 2020 Sponsorship

  • What is a Sponsor? Sponsors are donors who help us fund and plan our concert season for the upcoming  year. This helps make our ministries to the  Gulf Shores community possible
  • What are the benefits of sponsorship? No waiting in ticket lines, front row reserved  seating for all sponsor shows, guaranteed  seating for sold-out shows, and names printed  in concert programs. Also, bonus sponsor concerts during the year. 
  • What concerts are covered? There are currently 11 sponsor concerts(not including those with multiple showtimes) for 2020, including $135 worth of concerts in January/February alone. 
  • What are “bonus” concerts? Sponsorship donations allow us to bring in  additional artists during the year that may be vacationing or on tour in our area. In 2019,  this has included the Russian “ChoRuss” from St. Petersburg and Composer Mark Hayes. 
  • How much is a Sponsorship Card? $100
  • How does it work? Present your card at any concert sponsor show during the year to receive reserved seating. Please come at least 10-15 minutes before the show starts to help us have enough seats for everyone.*


One of the benefits of being a sponsor is special seating for concerts with a high anticipated  attendance. To ensure a confirmed seat in the sponsor section, please be present (with your sponsor card)  and seated 10-15 minutes  before the start time of the concert.