In light of the current situation we find ourselves in with the COVID-19 pandemic, we at GSUMC have decided to provide our parishioners with an Online Campus experience until we are able to join together again safely.


Under our Online Campus tab you will find videos of our Sunday Services, Round Table Discussions and updates from all of our different Ministries.


You can also follow our pages on Facebook and YouTube for up to date videos:

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All classes and programs are cancelled until further notice with the exception of our Bread Ministry.


If you find yourself in need of a Pastor, you can call the GSUMC office at 251-968-2411 or the Pastor on Call Line at 251-233-0878.

ADULT Sunday school

8:30 am  - Old Testament Study, A 138
An in-depth Bible study of the Old Testament Bible with a New Testament understanding. 

Ages 50’s & up. Contact:


9:45 am

Soul Food, Book of Samuel, A 105

Ages 30’s & up. Contact:

Sea-Kers, A 138

Ages 60’s & up



Wesleyan Class, B 201

Ages 50’s & up



Movers, Fellowship Hall, Bldg A
Ages 20,30 & 40’s - many with toddlers & school aged children.  



Fellowship Class, C 103                      

Ages 50’s & up, many choir members



Son Followers, Bldg C, Room 101
A seminar type class - both learning and sharing your life experience relevance of scripture.  Ages  60’s & up. Contact:


10:00 am - Busy Parents, Couples &   Singles Class, C 104
Ages 30s and 40s.  Bible study w/multi-media to aid our discussions & keep it interesting.




10:45 am, Bldg A, Room 138

This small group follows the 9:45 am service &  discusses the message given each Sunday.