Student Ministry

What if we were able to truly return to Wonder? Find comfort in the Questions? Embrace the uncertainty and recline at the Altar of the mystery of Grace? What would our schools, homes, friend-groups look like then? How would our Christian lives look differently to the world around us in such desperate need for something authentic?  What if we could passionately pursue the Heart of God in every moment, while we shamelessly and boldly worshiped God’s presence, in its various uniquely beautiful forms, in every heart we encountered? We are not just a student ministry, we are a worship ministry, at all times, in all things, in all ways  #weworship. 

    josh williams

    director of student ministries

    Josh has been in youth ministry since 2014, prior to that he served as a non commissioned officer in the US Army Infantry. While initially pursuing a post-discharge career in counseling to work with other veterans and their families, Josh re-discovered a passion for working with teens. He has since completed a Masters Degree in social work and is licensed as such. Josh has a passion for authenticity, service,  and nature, and he realizes connecting with teens doesn’t happen inside the church walls, but outside. So, look for him at sporting events, volunteering for community fundraisers, driving the kids in the church bus to tutoring, or stopping by the schools for lunch every week. 


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